Introduction to Affairs and Members of Each Commission in Taichung Dental Association

Academic Commission

Purposes Carry out dentist ' s on-the-job training. Popularize oral cavity health for all people. Upgrade medical quality. Promote people ' s health.

1. Give academic lectures.
2. Introduce modern knowledge on dentistry. Upgrade the

medical level of the basic dentists.

3. Study the internal and external dentistry laws, regulations and systems. Formulate a plan to improve dental medical environment based on government decrees collected.

4. Coordinate with medical centers, medical colleges and/or other academic groups to carry out on-the-job training for the dentists.


Publication Commission

Purposes Edit and publish periodical and non-periodical publications for Taichung Dental Association.

1. Edit and publish Bimonthly publication of Taichung Dental Association. Its full name is TAI CHUNG DENTAL ASSOCIATION BULLETIN.
2. Edit a propaganda booklet on oral cavity health.
3. Edit and print posters on oral cavity health.
4. Edit and publish external publications and handbooks depending on the need of the Association or any commissions.

Social Education Commission
Purposes Popularize social education related to oral cavity health. Teach common people the most correct knowledge on the oral cavity health. Expectantly spread the relevant common sense on oral cavity health through a systematic and organized social work, and arouse common people to pay more attention to oral cavity health and care. The oral cavity health education for elementary school students is especially the focal point of the popularization task.

Plan Implementation

1.A project of avoiding decayed teeth - Elementary school students rinse the mouths with fluorine water.
2.Encourage elementary school students to join activities of tooth cleaning.
3.Adults' prevention from periodontal disease.
4.Dentists join ¡§Reject Smoke¡¨ activities.

  We have promoted above work for years. It requires enormous manpower of dentists to support the work. In addition to expressing our respect to those dentists who have enthusiastically joined the work, we also expect more colleagues to join our parade. Besides, we accept non-periodical applications from all social organs and groups, and support them with dentist manpower for seminars on oral cavity health.

Information Commission
Brief Introduction The former information commission belongs to ¡§Computer Information Section¡¨ of Academic Commission. It separates from Academic Commission after the establishment of the 22 nd term of Board of Directors. Information Commission works for the association mainly on computer maintenance, and installation, maintenance and update of the network station, computerized planning, providing computerized information to the member clinics, and extensional education of information science¡K

•  Install network station for the association: We are the 2 nd dental association following Taipei Dental Association to set up a network station. The contents of the web are divided into 2 parts ¡V public area and member area. In public area, the contents are magnificent and abundant, covering a variety of items such as introduction to the Association, knowledge on oral cavity health, introduction to hospitals and clinics, brief views of activities and internet resource, etc... As to member area, access to it will not be available unless the application procedure is finished. The main contents relate to the affairs on health insurance, issuance of official documents and a member discussion area. Member dentists can download or view such information as they need.

•  Make a plan to computerize affairs of the Association: The e-ized work is an unchangeable trend in the world. By means of e-ized operation, we can save a large number of manpower, paper and resources, and thereby simplify the process of the official documents. Also the storage space of official documents will be saved. The e-ized work can be divided into 2 parts ¡V software and hardware. For the current hardware, our office has set up an intranet system. As to the software, we have asked the maker to develop a member administration system and official document storage system.

•  Provide the member clinics with computerized information: Offer the member clinics a suggestion on the e-ized information. In order to avoid profit scramble with private enterprises, this commission will offer free and legal Dos version.

•  Extensional Information Education: Under the effort of former Chairman, Mr. CHANG Ming-Yuan, and Managing Director, LIN Yi-Cheng, this commission works with Educational Resource Center of private Hsin Min Senior High School to run Computer Extensional Education, totally popularizing computer knowledge to member dentists so as to upgrade their information level.

Offer new information on health insurance: Starting from July, 2002, Taichung City carried out a total IC card regulation for health insurance. We intend to collect all the information relating to Health Insurance IC card and burn it into CD for all the members for them to learn well about all the information of health insurance IC card.

Legal System Commission

Purposes This commission protects the Association members' rights and interest by studying the laws and decrees applicable to dentistry and the Association, upgrade medical quality and promote people's health.

•  Amend the rules and regulations of the Association as necessary from time to time.

2. Research domestic and foreign laws, decrees and systems currently applicable to dental medical administrations and education. Make evaluation and give suggestions.

3. Draw up detailed work regulations for the Association.

4. Integrate the laws and decrees of National United Dental

Association and China Dental Association to promote the

work of this commission.


Financial Commission

Brief Introduction This commission is in charge of all the financial affairs of the Association, commonly called ¡§Association's Big Shopkeeper.¡¨ All the members pay the membership fee. Each penny of money comes from each member's hard work and we must well use it. Certainly the Association must have a sound financial system.

Focal Points Of Work

•  Edit inventory and keep the same.

•  Budget the revenue and annual expenditures.

•  Manage each item of the Association's funds. Collect members' fees. Carry out accounting audit.

•  Strictly inspect revenue and expenditure. Prepare and present the statements to Board of Supervisors periodically.

•  Report the account and the financial implementation periodically at the meetings of Board of Directors.

•  Publish the statements of revenue and expenses.

Draw up projects for increasing income and reducing expenses.

Method of increasing income:

•  Temporarily lease the Association hall: At present the Association hall is leased based on the regulations as approved by Board of Directors.

•  Put advertisements on Association's envelops: We are doing it now.

•  The bulletin ¡§Taichung Dentists¡¨ is published. We are negotiating with advertisement buyers.

•  ¡§Environment and Medical Waste Feedback Funds¡¨: We are doing it now.

Academic Lectures: We are doing it now. We encourage all the members to give us advice.

Save expenses:

•  Strictly control the expenses on all kinds of Association meetings.

•  Budge non-urgent-needed articles. Purchase some each year according to the budget.

We have completed a stage-planed mission ¡VTo purchase a building to be used as Association Hall. In consideration of the current and future needs that the members will rapidly increase and that the academic meetings need a convenient site, it is necessary to enlarge the area of the hall. This is a new and urgent mission of the financial commission of this term. We welcome all the member dentists to join us and supervise the work. Your advice will be highly appreciated. We hope our commission will grow sounder and stronger.


Welfare Commission

Purposes It is our purpose to strive for the most welfare for all the members.

1. Plan and strive for each kind of welfare for Association members.

2. Research and collect the dental manpower distribution information for members' reference.


Public Relationship Commission

Purposes This commission is in charge of vertical and horizontal public relationship in order to streamline Association affairs and promote the close relationship among all the members as well as between Association and each member.

1. Collect information on dental organizations, systems and policies in each country and the same about our national and regional dental associations in Taiwan. Collect information on the newest development.

2. Enhance the communication with the authorities, political parties/agencies and the media.

3. Establish contact with national and regional associations, alumnus clubs of seven colleges, other medical groups and non-governmental organizations.

4. Enhance the two-way relationship with the dental groups in each country and establish sister clubs with them.

5. Hold irregular-scheduled social activities for the members in administration districts or regional areas

6. Arrange internal and external tours, ball games and other activities which are advantageous to the members.

7. Organize a sport team representing the Association to attend external ball games.

8. Counsel members to help one another, and organize a Social to promote the relationship between members and their family dependants.


Medical Conciliation Commission

Purposes This commission is responsible for providing members with fair opinions based on which they can judge the medical disputes.

1. Investigate medical disputes and determine relative liability.

2. Give assistance in conciliating medical disputes.

3. Strive for participation in the medical assessments held by the health authorities.


Insurance Affairs Commission

Purposes Seek the rights and welfare on medical insurance for all the members.

1. Build a bridge between the members and the health insurance organs.

2. Defend the fair and the justice. Strive for the rights and the protection for the members.


International Affairs Commission

Purposes Enhance interaction between international sister clubs on knowledge and friendship. Help the members get timely dental information and experiences.

1. Arrange interactions between international sister clubs.

2. Hold, assist or participate in international dentist conventions.

3. Collect the update international dentist information.


Board of Supervisors

According to the regulations and rules of the Association, there are 5 supervisors to organize Board of Supervisors. There is a candidate supervisor elected in Member Conference and a managing supervisor elected from the supervisors.

The responsibilities of Board of Supervisors:
1. Supervise Board of Supervisors to carry out the resolutions made in Member Conference.

2. Supervise the affairs and the financial report of Board of Supervisors.

3. Examine the annual budget and present a written report to Board of Directors on the examination. Report the examination to the Conference for previous approval or final confirmation.

4. Elect or recall the managing supervisor.

5. Discuss and decide the resignation of the supervisors and the managing


6. Supervise the finance and property of the Association.

7. Supervise other affairs in conformity to responsibilities.
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